Out of sync VM with DC due to snapshot revert – Fix Security database trust relationship issues

Ever get that feeling when you’re working on snapshot VMs and you mistakenly revert the wrong VM and now it cannot log into the domain due to out of sync security database between the VM and the Domain Controller. follow these quick steps to fix a “The Security Database on the Server Does Not Have a Computer Account for This Workstation Trust Relationship”

  1. Disconnect the virtual network adapter on the virtual machine that is having connection issues.
  2. Login on to the Server/PC that is inaccessible with an account that has Administrator privileges.
  3. Connect the server virtual network adapter back in while logged on.
  4. Change the domain name from FQDN (ie:- windom.local ) to the short name (ie:- windom).
  5. Reboot the virtual machine and log back in as the domain user and all should be fine.

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