Out of sync VM with DC due to snapshot revert – Fix Security database trust relationship issues

Ever get that feeling when you’re working on snapshot VMs and you mistakenly revert the wrong VM and now it cannot log into the domain due to out of sync security database between the VM and the Domain Controller. follow these quick steps to fix a “The Security Database on the Server Does Not Have a Computer Account for This Workstation Trust Relationship”

  1. Disconnect the virtual network adapter on the virtual machine that is having connection issues.
  2. Login on to the Server/PC that is inaccessible with an account that has Administrator privileges.
  3. Connect the server virtual network adapter back in while logged on.
  4. Change the domain name from FQDN (ie:- windom.local ) to the short name (ie:- windom).
  5. Reboot the virtual machine and log back in as the domain user and all should be fine.

Vote for your Top Virtualization Blog for 2014 – vsphere-land.com

One of the great things about using virtualization especially when it’s VMware is that there are many interesting blogs out there that contain a wealth of information on this topic, many with some great ideas, tips and tricks and some really detailed information on everything VMware and also not forgetting Hyper-V.

So with the start of the year the race to become No.1 on the top Virtualization Blog (vBlog) has arrived, vSphere-land.com is out their to ask your opinion about the Top Virtualization Blogs which have helped you in the Past Year to Learn, Explore & Master the Virtualization Technology & the related Eco-system.

If my Blog has helped you in your journey of Virtualization, I would of course be grateful if you did spend a VOTE for me on their survey.

You can VOTE by clicking on the following link.

Whether you Vote or Get Voted, you have a chance to win some wonderful freebies as mentioned by Eric Siebert on vSphere-land.com

This year the top VMware & virtualization blogger voting will be bigger and better thanks to Veeam. We’ll be doing random prize giveaways both for bloggers that make it into the top 50 and for the voters as well. I’ll randomly pick 3 blogger names and 4 voter names to win prizes which include a Mac Mini, iPad Mini, HP MicroServer, Beats headphones, Roku and a Wii U.”


Applications for VMware vExpert 2014 are now open

Applications for the 2014 vExpert program were officially opened this weekend. Submit your application at :http://blogs.vmware.com/vmtn/2014/02/vexpert-2014-applications-open.html

VMware vExpert 2014

Some changes have been highlighted this year as there is now a fast track application process for 2013 vExperts.

Changes for the 2014 vExpert Program
This year we are implementing two new changes to the vExpert program. The first change is fast track current vExperts into the 2014 program. If you are a current 2013 vExpert, your 2014 application process has been shortened. Since you are a proven vExpert all we want to know is what you have been doing since the May 2013 vExpert announcement. Simple, right?”

Also new for 2014 is that there will be an ongoing open application each quarter for nominations with in 2014 which is especially handy for those that did not make the first cut or maybe would like to get in and apply later on in the year.

“The second change is quarterly nominations into the 2014 vExpert program. We will leave the application open year round and at the end of each quarter we will begin the voting process for new vExperts from the previous quarter. So even if you are not picked to become a vExpert 2014 right away, we will allow for quarterly voting and nominations.”

You have until March 6th to get your application. Good Luck.